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Internal communications… post-it not past it

September 13, 2011

There’s a new tourist attraction in Paris that’s added a new dimension to communication.

At first glance it looks like a giant game of Space Invaders being shown on office buildings. On closer viewing the pixelated shapes are actually artistic images made up of hundreds of post-it notes.

What’s the story? Currently in Paris there’s the war of the post-it note. France, renowned for its artistic culture, is once again grabbing attention from foreign media as individuals and businesses alike challenge each other’s creativity by creating art with the handy notes. It’s had a ripple effect across the city as buildings facing each other look to outsmart their opposing neighbour – and it’s even spread to Stockholm.

Sitting at my desk in Islington, a reasonably cosmopolitan part of London, I am thinking what I could post on my window to lay down the challenge to our neighbours across the street… a cheesy plug of the business or an arty creation that catches a passers-by eye?

My second thought is: would this be classed as some form of internal communications? After all, it is a form of communicating to a discrete audience, but using art and with employees in a different building. The fact that they are not in the same business is a minor detail that we can work around!

Moving things on and expanding the idea of encouraging creativity, there is an argument to let your employees share their post-it creations through other channels such as a company blog, Yammer etc. This is a different and fun way to engage employees and to get colleagues to come up with creative ideas allowing people to express their creativity. Why not reward the best piece of art or even present a ‘post -it’ of the week?

Not only will this support employee engagement but it will also engage your neighbours.

Check out the war in France